Which Are The Best Android Emulators for PC? Find out here!

Today we will take a look at some of the best Android emulators currently available, knowing the cons of our top 5 list of Android emulators we have selected and selected.

Usually, most Android emulators are built for gaming these days and they don’t work so well for useless apps and similar stuff.

So if you are wondering what are the top Android emulators or who are the best Android emulators at present, then we have got you covered.

BlueStacks Emulator

It is one of the most famous Android emulator. It is preferred among many others due to its simple and quick installation. It is very well optimized for gaming and it supports keymapping, however, it usually does not work that way if you go into a very specific and advanced configuration.
When it comes to using productivity applications, these will sometimes not load properly and will give errors, so we cannot recommend using Bluestacks for this.

Anyway, BlueStacks comes with pre-configured keymaps for most common games so if you’re playing one of the most popular then there’s a high probability that you won’t need to change anything related to it.

The software uses very little CPU and memory, and claims to be several times faster than many other real mobile phone models.
You can have multiple accounts for different purposes and it quickly updates to the available Android version.

Looking at the price, there is a free version that is full of ads, but completely free, and then a premium version with no ads. This makes complete sense, they are going to make a profit somewhere in the free version. ‘
In my opinion, Bluestacks is first on the list due to their presence and their effective performance.

It provides us with advanced features, whereas for this we do not need to be experts in these types. Also, the fact that it has the cleanest and most beautiful interface is a big plus.


It is somewhat similar software to Bluestacks, but overall it is less customizable and even though Memu is specifically designed for gaming, it lacks some details compared to other Android emulators.

But the best about the menu is that you can virtually locate yourself, so if you want to play a game like Pokémon Go it may be your best bet.
This software is completely free.

We specifically placed MemoPlay for one of their top Android emulators due to their ability to run at 4K resolution, which are completely amazing.

It also gives us the opportunity to easily install Google apps outside our store which is something valuable as well as hard to find.

On top of that is a highly useful toolbar that allows us to quickly configure different features, without resulting in annoying ones.

It is known to work with almost all Intel and AMD chipsets, so if you are skeptical about compatibility with your PC this is probably a safe option.


This Android emulator is one of our favorites because it holds great compatibility with heavy games like PUBG, but has no sponsored advertisements, even if there is no paid version. The main issue here is that it requires a good computer and it will make your system heavy so be prepared for it!

One of the cool benefits over others is that it allows you to open multiple windows. Nox Player can be easily compared while many other emulators will give you a ton of errors and problems. It has some advanced options specifically for performance such as the amount of RAM and CPU you can assign to it.

Nox Player includes a good amount of cool features such as an easy to use vertical toolbar with various things to enhance our experience.

The Android version is somewhat older than some of the other listed software, but in most cases, we believe it won’t give you any problems until you get to try something new.


It is a gaming oriented Android emulator. It stands out against the average due to its lightweight and quick setup. It has some advertisements but not many and is very simple to use.

Regarding the price, this is not a paid version, but a free one.
The Ko player is particularly stable, it is well adapted in general and there will be very little crash when you are using it.

Their requirements are not at all what I should say, they show on their website that you need at least 2 gigabytes of RAM to run it, so if you’re on a very old PC, it probably won’t be the one You should go

It is one of the latest released Android emulators and we have placed it on our list for many reasons, but the main reason is that it has a high productivity and a high compatibility with inactive apps, which is quite hard to find for most. Highly configured levels of detection of applications that will give you something to deactivate on your “mobile phone”.

When it comes to performance in gaming, it’s great and here’s the best thing: you can run multiple gaming instances at the same time.
Their Android version is not really old, but you should be careful if you want to run new apps exclusively on it, as it may give you some compatibility.

Our conclusion

Having said all this, we strongly agree with Techforpc that Bluestacks is the best for overall purposes and that you should try first. It is most likely that you will quickly find Bluestacks best for common use.

It is also with the most active users every day and is not only a simple coincidence, but also the fact that many people rely on this software for their daily Android things. We hope we helped you make a better choice for our top 5 Android emulator for PC analysis!

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