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scoompa-video-editor-for-pc-windows-and-mac-free-downloadMany times it happens that we find many pictures and videos in our phone’s storage, and we are always tempted to edit them. Luckily, you will find that there are many apps that you can use to edit videos and create slideshows from your photos.

However, it is wise for you to check the application that you are willing to use for your videos and pictures. Many apps are not so real, and some of them may not be free. If you have never used an editing app before, you want a free yet effective app.

In this article, we are going to get more in-depth information as a video editing and slideshow maker app. Scooppa.

What is Scooppa Video Maker for PC?

If you are always interested in editing videos and creating slideshows from your photos, then Scooppa Video App for PC is the perfect app for you. Scoompa is a free video editing and slideshow app that allows its users to edit videos and create amazing slideshows from their photos.


Skumpa is very easy to use interface with an exciting design and layout. With Scoompa, you don’t have to specialize in video editing; All you need is your interest in video editing and laying slideshow for your photos and selfies. The features of this amazing app are seamlessly placed so that you can easily find them on the app. Scoompa’s design is set to work for both professional and novice video editors. You can get Scoompa for iPhone or any other smartphone Google Play or app Store.

The app has several filters to help its users choose freely from any filter that they want. Filters are there that allow you to edit your photos to your favorite design. For slideshows, you need to add all the photos you want to your slideshow and then select transition effects for individual images that you have added individually.

However, if you are a beginner to using the video and photo editing app, you can choose to add photos and animations that are already on the app. There are some video animations on the application that are available for you to quickly piece together some of your best photos. Once you select a particular animation, the animation will automatically add the transition effect and the desired video frame.

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Scoompa Video Maker for PC Features

Scoompa has a lot of features that make it the best video editing slideshow maker. Below are some features you can enjoy as a Scoompa user.

Interface is easy to use – Skumpa’s interface is designed in such a way that both a professional and a novice editor can use it to their advantage. The features are seamlessly placed so that you can easily find them on the interface of the app.

Add photos from the Internet or your phone’s gallery – With Scooppa, you are given the freedom to choose your photos from your phone or internet storage.

Many music tracks – In this app, you will get lots of music tracks options to choose from. Here all you have to do is add your favorite pictures and then select the music track that you are most interested in. There is also an option to add your favorite music track from your smartphone.

Multiple video frames – When you choose your favorite photo and animation videos to work in your slideshow, the app will select the best video frame from a list of several options. You can also choose your best video frame from the list of options in the app.

How to download scooppa video app for pc

Skumpa is currently only available for smartphones and Android devices, but not to worry, you too can install it on your PC for maximum usage. With the help of Android emulator like Bluestacks, you can easily install the app on your PC. An Android emulator lets users access Android applications on their PCs. There are many Android emulators on the market today, such as the Knox App Player and the Bluestacks App Player.


Below are some steps, following which you can download the app on your PC.

1. Download from Bluestacks Bluestacks official website And install on your PC. Usually, there is an X file that will be downloaded to your PC, click on it to install the emulator.

2. After the emulator is installed, you can open it to see the interface.

3. On the interface, you will see a search button. Click on it and type in the skump, and it will appear on the emulator’s interface.

4. Click on it, and it will be automatically downloaded to your PC.

The conclusion

Skumpa Video App for PC is the best way to edit your videos and come up with excellent slideshows for your photos. The app is a saver, especially for those who like to create artistry slide shows for their photos. It is an ideal platform for both professional and novice photo and video editors.

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