Majorshare Grooveshark Downloader – Windows and Mac – Free Download

majorshare-grooveshark-downloader-windows and mac-free downloadMajorShare Groveshark Downloader is an application for Windows that allows the user to download music directly from Grooveshark audio streaming service and listen to them on their player.

Download the application and then proceed with your installation. You should be careful during the process, as it brings a lot of other services that have no connection with Grooveskore Downloader Measureshare and can compromise the performance of your machine.

Its interface is interesting, pleasant and, with illustration icons for all functions, they become easy to use and intuitive. On the top menu you can place music to play, receive for download, show those who transfer to your machine, among others.

One of the best features is the magnifying glass, because, through it, you discover the songs you want in the service. The result is shown in the lists and there are three icons next to each: play, listen; Positive signs, to add to playlist; And x, to download.

MajorShare Grooveshark DownloaderNão needs to download songs to listen to them, just be connected to the Internet. In the playback screen, there are functions to play, pause, next, back off and play tracks. You can also use repeating, shuffling and adjusting the sound.

When using the MajorShare Gruvashkar Downloader application, like any other program to download, you should beware of copyright-protected songs, because downloading them is a felony with a punishment provided by law. It comes in English, is free and compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Download MajorShare GrooveShare Downloader

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