How to Use Tonebridge Guitar Effects on the PC (Windows & Mac)

Tonbridge-guitar-effects-pc-windows-macTonbridge Guitar Effects App – Play Guitar Like A Rockstar!

Music brings out the art of expressing and pleasing with a combination of rhythm, melody, melody and melodies. To get the perfect sound of any song, you need a combination of special effects and musical instruments, and with the Tonbridge Guitar Effects app, you have a recipe for music creation. The Tonbridge Guitar Effects app works as an amplifier for a person who wants to practice playing the guitar that has limits for the lack of a physical amp. The application gives you the exact same sound from the original record, chasing the tone, thus making your voice attractive.

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Tonbridge guitar effects app overview

Developed by Ultimate Guitar USA LLC, the app works like magic, and is free to use. The Tonbridge app gives the user the sound of any original song they want to play in a creative way, regardless of their knowledge in using the guitar. The app works well with Android, PC, iPhone and Mac operating systems. Although there is no version for Mac and PC in Tonebridge, you can still use it through the emulator. It is a simple and impressive application, an array of music collections, beautiful and easy to use interface and amazing features. Plug your guitar into the operating system you love and start playing.

Why use the Tonbridge Guitar Effects app

The application is free and it works perfectly well with beginners, intermediates and guitar players and gives them the desired tone therefore allowing them to concentrate for practice. With thousands of musical vocals, the app helps an beginner associate it with their favorite musical sound, therefore expanding their horizons. Thus, in short, the Tonbridge app helps newcomers play their guitar and practice for hours without getting bored. This enables them to create their own distinctive tone. And for guitar professionals, the app gives them a chance to experiment with different tones and recreate their musical skills.

Features of Tonbridge Guitar Effects App


Audio units

The app has audio units like mini-apps which enable it to work properly with other apps. So, this makes Tonbridge easy to operate and open inside the audio unit host application. For example, if the host app is a garageband, with audio unit features, instead of switching between apps or reducing one, you can access both in one place. Additionally, each app retains its own settings.

Tone magician

Tonbridge has a Tone Wizard that enables the user to access the “gear” view. The gear scene is an actual guitar paddle series of small icons with sliders beneath them that allows the user to change the parameters by clicking on the settings icon. In addition, this feature allows the user to tweak the settings and locate the amp and paddle to achieve the correct tone. However, it is available with a subscription of $ 6 per month.

Huge collection of songs

The app has 9000 songs from over 1000 artists globally. With a huge selection of various preset popular song styles, the user can enjoy rock, reggae, and more. Also, the preset has been handled by the editors of Param Guitar, so be sure of its actual sounds. In addition, the application provides over 7500+ demo samples of various music genres for effect preview.

Works with various guitars

The existing application exposes the user to the great musical sounds found on each guitar you connect, allowing the user to play heavy metal sounds. In addition, it responds intelligently to sounds, and has a noise reduction system that projects clear sound.

The pros

  • The app can tweak any song you ask. This means you can create a melody for your favorite song from local music to international music.


  • Unless it can be used on a PC via an emulator.

Download and install the Tonbridge Guitar Effects app for PC


  • Please search the Google Play Store and open it, then find the Tonbridge Guitar Effect app and follow the given download and installation instructions.
  • Once the download is over, connect your guitar to your machine via the headphone jack and have fun.

The Tonbridge Guitar Effects app is quite simple and straightforward to use as it comes with a lot of preset sounds to select the ideal one for your voice. In addition, you can easily upload and create your own music presets, making learning and playing guitar adorable.

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