GreenNet VPN App – Free Download for PC (Windows and Mac)

Greennet-vpn-app-download-for-pcGreenNet VPN – Browse Without Fear

Internet surfing has become unsafe due to hacking and hence the need to protect oneself through encrypting. Also, some countries have limited access to some sites due to security threats, but with a VPN, it is possible to unblock such sites and enjoy different content. Additionally, enjoy hassle-free access to websites using GreenNet VPN.

What is GreenNet VPN?

GreenNet is a virtual private network that is unlimited and free. This allows the user to bypass various restricted sites and access them as desired.

Developed by GDT, VPN works on Android devices, but with the emulator, it can work on Windows and Mac devices. GreenNet VPN works with all Internet connections giving you privacy, security and online freedom.


Why Use GreenNet VPN

GreenNet VPN enables you to:

  • Privacy Protection and Enjoy Anonymous Connection

With GreenNet VPN, you can easily mask your IP address and location to browse without being tracked. All your browsing history becomes private. GreenNet VPN becomes your privacy guard.

  • Surf anonymously fast

GreenNet VPN works fast! It detects internet connections around your area and automatically connects to the nearest and fastest server. As a result, it enables your Internet to be much faster than other VPN providers.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots have become the perfect place for online hackers to hack into devices and obtain personal information. Without proper protection, you can easily fall into the hands of hackers and become the next victim of identity theft. But with the GreenNet app, it uses advanced and latest technology to encrypt network traffic, thus enabling the user to connect to various websites via HTTPS. It provides a secure shield for public Wi-Fi hotspots.

The GreenNet VPN app serves as a global server with access to approximately 32 countries and over 148 VPN locations. From Hong Kong to German to Japan, Norway to France to Ukraine and others, you can easily connect via your server with GreenNet VPN.

GreenNet VPN helps you unblock websites and any apps for free and without any restrictions. In addition, it helps the user to bypass government geo-restrictions and censorship to access various social media accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. Or other blocked websites from other areas.

Key Features of GreenNet VPN

It offers Incognito Browsing: With GreenNet VPN, you do not need to install an Inognito browser on your PC. Just turn on the VPN, and Internet traffic will be encrypted. This makes your online activities completely anonymous.

As online traffic gets encrypted with a VPN installed in your device, whatever public WiFi hotspots you connect to shield you and protect you from common Internet risks. It helps you enjoy Wi-Fi security.

With GreenNet VPN, it is easy to hide your IP address, mask your location and enable it to circumvent various geo-restrictions and gain access to any content you want from anywhere.

Using GreenNet VPN on Your Laptop and PC

GreenNet VPN works on the same screen as a mobile device. Follow the instructions given to download and install GreenNet VPN on your PC.


  • The first thing you need to install in your PC is an Android emulator (for Windows users, you can opt for it Bluestacks 4. Mac user is the ideal one Knox player) is.
  • Install the emulator and open them by signing in with your Google account.
  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for greennet hotspot vpn.
  • Next, install VPN.
  • You will find GreenNet VPN under the emulator app “Apps section”.
  • Open it and start browsing safely.

GreenNet VPN does everything possible to ensure that you enjoy a direct browsing life without any restrictions. It is free to use with unlimited bandwidth and an attractive platform.

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