Download ShareZilla for PC and Mac – Windows 7/8/10

Download-sharezilla for pc and mac-windows-7810-free downloadShareZilla is a great program for those who enjoy file sharing through peer-to-peer. With many features, user interface friendly and support for many P2P networks such as eDonkey and BitTorrent, the program combines super fast downloads and practicality, even allowing those who are accustomed to this type of software Are not to use it without complications.

After installing the software, the user can search on the files you want, filter them according to their categories such as movies, songs, artists, e-books, authors and etc. Even filters in Advanced Search are in advanced quality. Results to be displayed.

Have a look in ShareZilla, wait a few seconds and that is: you will get a huge amount of options for files to download. Click on what you like and follow the download progress on the Tasks tab. And, to avoid any kind of mistake, ShareZilla has an integrated media player, which allows the user to preview the file you are downloading.

All download and upload settings can be modified manually, which gives a person more freedom in time for you to download. The software provides support for monitoring and organization of file types and allows the downloading of millions of documents. All of this is as simple as possible, emphasizing functionality and not beauty.

It is worth remembering that, like any P2P program, the download speed and efficiency through Sharezilla depends not only on the quality of your Internet connection, but also on the number of people sharing files in given moments There are also those you are trying to download.

ShareZilla is free, available in the latest versions of Windows on Wheels and in the English language.

Sharezilla Free Download

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