Download and Install HiLookVision for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)

download-hilookvision-for-pc-windows-7-8-10-macHiLookVision App in PC – Monitoring Your Home in Style

A few years ago, to protect our homes was done through doors and door bolts. However, things have changed for technology. The Internet of Things has changed the monitoring level of life by hitting the bullseye with high quality and reliable applications.

In addition, technology has allowed users to focus on their family and home security. One such product is the HiLookVision app which is easy to use and free. It provides surveillance of your cameras globally.

Developed and introduced by HIKVISION HeadquartersThe app works for medium and small sized projects. In addition, it works strongly by meeting a wide range of security needs. It provides a fast way to control and monitor your security system using web-enabled devices.

Key features of HiLookVision application


24/7 protection

The app gives the user a modern monitoring system 24/7 with the ability to remotely monitor different footage. It allows you to enter from anywhere with a touch of your PC or smartphone. Once you log in, you can easily control PTZ settings; Watch recorded and live videos, manage alerts and search through various archived past footage.

The best aspect of using the HiLookVision app is that you do not need to be physically present in a given location to manage security cameras. In addition, they allow the user to monitor and then respond to any emergencies and issues that may occur at any time. In addition, following your homes from afar becomes the most important benefit of using the HiLookVision app for additional peace of mind and health.

Monitor from multiple locations

With the HiLookVision app, you do not have the limitation of viewing only one security camera. If your building has multiple cameras at different locations, the app enables you to control feeds across multiple sites. The HiLookVision app also works best for property managers or owners who oversee multiple buildings.

Warning notice

In addition, the app is incredibly useful. Once it is combined with a motion alert camera system, it alerts the user in the event of a motion detection. Also, it sends a text or email alert notification of any known movement when your business is closed.

The app sends a motion image and a video clip to the user to find out what happens immediately. Also, to see more, you can easily move the camera to the edge of the identified speed and look around. Also, in case of robbery, you can send a notification to the police and catch Bulgari on action.

Benefits of HiLookVision App

Insurance cost reduction

Installing the HiLookVision app can help reduce insurance premiums because you have taken steps to protect your home.

Many tools

With the HiLookVision app you can install it on various devices, although it is an Android application that can easily install it on your PC using various emulators.

HiLookVision application access

  • Lock and lock remotely
  • Remote hand or arm protection system
  • Issue notification in case of speed or emergency

Ways to install HiLookVision application on your PC (Windows and Mac)


You can easily see the action of your remotely controlled security system on a larger screen with more cloud saving space using different emulators. Here is the step to install HiLookVision app with Bluestacks and Nox Player emulator:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks And Knox player On your machine.
  2. Open the APK file, drag and drop it and click on the file manager to open the blue colored files. Install the emulator and click open.
  3. Search for HiLookVision application and download it by following the given and simple instructions.
  4. Open it, create an account and add a recent device (PC) to the account
  5. Enjoy real-time monitoring of security cameras to a unique degree.

The conclusion

The beauty of being a HiLookVision app is to give the user peace by locating things that may be harmful to your valuable assets. It is a simple and straightforward platform that allows you to enjoy your monitoring quickly and globally.

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