Best Anime Streaming Websites for 2018

Best-anime-streaming-sitesWhen it comes to pop culture, today there are two movements that each have a huge following: Korean pop (kpop) and Japanese animation, or anime. No matter who you are, you can enjoy Japanese anime; There is a huge pool of anime that it is very easy to find one according to which genre and plot.

That said, the number of streaming websites dedicated to the growing number of Japanese anime is increasing. This article is going to offer points about some of the top anime streaming websites out there.

Because some websites have subscription-based utilities, they will be split.

First, let’s see Free anime streaming websites.


This website is very user friendly and very easy to navigate, a large number of anime are both immersed and dubbed. If you have discovered Anime streaming sites, You know it’s some pain to find people with a good english dub, let alone english subtitles. gAnime provides you the best quality streaming anime series at no cost.

This website has a very organized and varied list of styles that you can pick and choose from. If you’re not sure what to look for, don’t worry! On the homepage, gAnime has a popular anime you can try to watch.

What I love about this website is that each anime episode has a release schedule under the navigation bar on the homepage. Remember, it’s all free!


Like the first entry on this list, kissanime is a top anime streaming site where anime leads for Japanese-subbed people that can cope with English subtitles, both in English and Japanese, are constantly coming out. KissAnime has also listed the episodes under the page of a clean and user-friendly layout animation. The really cool thing about this website is that you can click on the next episode in the series as soon as you finish the previous one, using the arrow displayed on the same page. Both KissAnime and gAnime are English friendly.


Not exclusively a Japanese anime streaming site, but it Top Cartoon Streaming Site There are some Japanese animations that are not necessarily anime, or Japanese animated moves like Howell’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totaro and Spirited Away. Regardless, KissCartoon is a top streaming site that I was on the list. The websites also feature western animation series such as Avatar, The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra and Steven Universe.

Now for websites that have subscription-based utilities. Keep in mind that this does not mean that you cannot use anime streaming sites if you do not pay money. However, premium membership naturally gives you more access to other functions that non-paying users do not have. Consider yourself lucky!


This anime streaming site combines the best of both words: anime and MangaOf which a lot of anime is derived. You can read various manga chapters using this top streaming site and then hop on to watch the anime directly. This top streaming site, like all others on this list, has a variety of different anime that have English dubbing. As a paying user of this anime streaming site, you gain access to a large pool of anime and manga, while non-paying users only have limited access.

You will also be happy to know that a premium membership also means that you will not see any advertisement while watching mobile phones. We all hate commercials, don’t we? Unfortunately, non-paid users of the site have to deal with advertisements.

In addition, paying users will get access to each anime episode only one hour after the episode airs in Japan! Remove it fresh from the oven! Or in this case, Japan!


Being that the publication is where English dubbed anime originates, is it any wonder that their website is on this list? With this website, all the contents of their mobile phones are available to the users with English dub and Japanese subscription. And like other top anime streaming sites, Funanimation’s website is user-friendly and very easy and fun to navigate around. Unfortunately, Funanimation’s website does not work in every country. For example, it does not work in South Korea.


Come on Netflix and Chill! Not really, but anyway, everyone knows what Netflix is! It is a film, TV show, cartoon, documentary, and every other type of media imaginable! Like other streaming sites on this list, Netflix has plenty of anime to choose from. However, depending on where you are in the world, the anime gallery you offer will change as other categories of media.

Despite this, enjoy everything you have with a Netflix subscription! It is under $ 10 USD for a month with unlimited access Favorite Movies and Media! Netflix also creates its own original series, both live-action and animated, that you have access to! For the most part, they are completely enjoyable.

As you can see, you have many ways to access hundreds of favorite anime and manga series top anime streaming sites. They are just a click away!

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