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Pastoral care is a ministry of-and-for all of us. Many people at Trinity benefit from the care and compassion of fellow parishioners. There are specific areas of pastoral ministries that are a focus for us at Trinity:
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Pastoral Care
Pastoral Leaders
The Pastoral Leadership Team is a comprised of five parishioners who are trained, licensed by the Bishop for this specific ministry, and commissioned by the parish. This team serves in partnership with clergy to coordinate visitors, trainings and assist the congregation in caring for one another. This innovative team approach is a pilot project in the Episcopal Church in CT which started in 2015.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors
Lay persons who have been trained to bring the Holy Communion from our Sunday celebration out to those who are homebound are licensed Lay Eucharistic Visitors. Some of our trained LEVs also serve as lay visitors, “friendly faces” from church who visit regularly with those who may be homebound or in a long-term care facility. This ministry has expanded in the past two years, and grown to include 14 parishioners who participate in this caring ministry.

Stephen Ministry
Trinity is a Stephen Ministry Church participating in a nationwide program where laypersons are trained and serve as Christian care-givers and counselors for those who may be in a time of transition or crisis. Plans are underway to expand this program at Trinity.

Cards and Notes Ministry
Parishioners send cards monthly to those who may be homebound or have recently lost a loved one. This quiet ministry has been on-going for years. If you know someone who might like a note from their parish family, let us know.

Ministers of Healing
Trinity has three parishioners who have been trained to serve as Ministers of Healing during our monthly healing prayers offered to individuals during the distribution of Communion on the fourth Sunday of the month.

When to call the priest?
This question comes up more often than you’d imagine. HIPAA privacy laws prohibit medical facilities from notifying us when parishioners are in the hospital. It is the responsibility of an individual and their family to contact the church at times of death, hospitalization or any other time you may feel in need of the presence of a priest. Clergy in the Episcopal Church provide brief pastoral counseling and when appropriate, make other referrals.

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